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European Fruit Magazine is a monthly magazine for professional fruit growers and other fruit industry professionals in Europe and beyond.

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Here at EFM, we are dedicated to providing up-to-date news and useful information. Our readers include future-oriented growers, agricultural advisors, fruit business professionals, industry researchers, and many more.

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With three language versions and a choice between digital and printed subscription, you can choose from six different ways of reading EFM.

Gerard Poldevaart, Chief Editor

Gerard is chief editor of the European Fruit Magazine. Over the past 35 years he has built an impressive network gained deep understanding of the European fruit industry. Now, he uses his broad experience in the European fruit production sector to guarantee the quality of the content in every European Fruit Magazine issue.

Created by experts, aimed at professionals.

Our editorial team includes fruit industry professionals from several European countries. We work with researchers and agricultural advisors from across Europe to deliver information on new varieties, technological developments, and market trends.

EFM: Your top source of information.

Access information on all European markets

Fruit growing doesn’t happen in a vaccuum. A farm in Belgium or Germany will be affected by the harvest in Poland and South Tyrol—and vice versa. EFM gives you access to information on European and global markets.

Gain a deeper understanding of current trends

What’s a passing fad, and what’s technology of the future? Which solutions are just a curiosity, and which are recommended by top advisrs and backed by years of research? EFM helps answer those questions.

Read about European and global issues that affect your farm

Local and global consumer trends, changes in local legislature and new EU regulations affect everyone. EFM helps you stay up-to-date on how changes are impacting key markets and make optimal decisions.

Never miss out on an opportunity

From events or fairs in Europe to new technologies, EFM provides information on everything you need to know. 

Many clients seeking plant production advice read EFM. The contents of the magazine—articles and reports on news from various regions of Europe involved in fruit production—make EFM stand out. Apart from articles by the editors, EFM contains interesting texts written by research scientists. Our recommendations frequently reference articles published in EFM. From content of the magazine it is evident that EFM is created by competent editors, and that the articles and reports are highly professional, and, at the same time, easy to understand.

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Frequently asked questions:

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EFM is a subscription-only magazine. If you’d like more information before you subscribe, check out some of our archival issues here (click link).

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