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Obtaining knowledge, sharing experience


For many fruit growers, the winter is a relatively calm period. So it's a time to make plans, gain inspiration and ideas, and to visit trade shows and seminars. There is sufficient choice: a trade show that focuses on fruit growing is held in more or less every country and every fruit-growing region. There are also numerous fruit sector days, congresses, seminars, study days, informative meetings, or whatever they are called, with lectures covering a wide range of subjects. So sufficient to start the new season with new knowledge and insights.

However, anno 2020, fruit growers must take to the road to obtain the desired information. For various reasons, there is a reduction in the information provided. This means that not all of the required knowledge and information is available in a person's own country or region. Would you like to know more about the influence defoliation has on promoting colour? Then the research data available in South Tyrol (North Italy) offers a great place to start. Does a growing system featuring narrow hedges and trees with multiple vertical leaders appeal to you? Then you have to gain the information more to Trento region in Italy. Do you want to know more about growing pears? Then the Netherlands and Belgium are the places to be. Looking for more information about how to prevent fungal infections using plastic film to cover organically grown crops? Become familiar with the knowledge that is available in Bavendorf (Germany).
Would you like to share experience with colleagues from another country or region? Visit one of the many foreign trade shows. However… I see that when visiting a trade show abroad, many growers still seem to search out colleagues from their own neighbourhood. If that's the case, in my opinion, you don't need to travel 500 or 1,000 kilometres! It might be an idea and a nice challenge for trade show organisers to bring fruit growers in contact with colleagues from other parts of Europe, or even the world. So matchmaking for fruit growers...

Gerard Poldervaart
Editor in chief EFM