The European Fruit Magazine is dedicated to sharing the newest developments in European fruit growing with professional fruit growers, consultants, researchers, and suppliers around the world. The magazine is published monthly in three language editions (English, Dutch, and German).

Advertising in EFM is an effective way of reaching professionals in a context meaningful to your brand. You can choose between advertising in a selected language edition and sharing your message in all three editions.

Rates for standard formats and basic technical information can be found below. Please feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to receive detailed pricing as well as information on discounts, allowances, and technical information.

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Advertisement rates
European Fruitgrowers Magazine
and German
and Dutch editions altogether
or German
or Dutch edition
1/1 page € 2.100 € 1.050
1/2 page € 1.100 € 550
1/4 page € 600 € 300
1/8 page € 325 € 165
1/16 page € 175 € 90