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Climate change discussed at Interpera 2023

At the Interpera congress on 29 June in Lerida, Spain, concerns about the impact of climate change, in addition to production estimates, were firmly on the agenda
Professor Antonio Ruiz de Elvira from the University of Alcalá de Henares stressed that “we missed the opportunity to mitigate climate change, now we have the opportunity to adapt” by implementing strategies such as drip irrigation, planting drought-resistant varieties, installing capillary run-off systems and, finally, planting trees.
The conference then highlighted studies carried out in various countries, such as innovations in irrigation and shading of plantations, and analysis of the distribution of the CO2 footprint in pear cultivation and handling.
Finally, the last speaker proposed genetic improvement as an option for combating climate change, with varieties that are tasty, productive and suitable for a wide range of crops.