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Fewer apples, more pears in the Netherlands

In 2023, the apple hectarage in the Netherlands fell to 5,501 ha. This is a decrease of a bit more than 400 ha compared with the year before, as appears from figures of the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS). The apple hectarage has fallen practically every year during the past 10 years. In 2012, the Netherlands still had 7,906 ha of apple growing. With a surface area of 2,411 ha, Elstar is still the most commonly grown variety.

Remarkable fall surface area of pear in the Netherlands
After years of growth, the surface area of pear has for the first time fallen again in the Netherlands. According to the latest data of the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS), in 2023, the Netherlands had a surface area of pear of 9,856 ha. This is a fall of 256 ha, or 2.5% compared with 2022.
During the past 10 years, the pear hectarage rose by 1,500 ha. The main reason for this was that fruit growers exchanged apple for the more profitable pear.