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Belgian wine sector grows by 20% per year

Production of wine in Belgium is increasing at a fast pace. Due to global warming, viniculture in Belgium is getting more and more interesting, with as a result a growth of 20% per year. It is especially a matter of farmers and growers that are looking for other crops and start adding viniculture as an ancillary activity to their existing agricultural and horticultural productions. In 10 years’ time, Belgian wine production has increased tenfold to 3 million litres in 2022. Belgian wine is grown on 1,000 ha by 259 wine growers.
The growing interest in viniculture in Belgium contrasts sharply with the situation in France. In that country the authorities are earmarking 200 million euros to destroy superfluous wine stocks. Especially producers of cheap bulk wine are having a difficult time.
Of course, as to volume, Belgian wine production cannot be compared with that of France. Consumption per inhabitant per year, is in Belgium at 30 litres against France at 40 litres. Belgian wine growers only produce 1% of domestic consumption. So, there is scope for growth. Belgians only have to become more chauvinistic, so that they start drinking more Belgian wine, Belgian wine growers think. According to them, Belgian wine is a match for wine from classic wine producing countries, where, on the other hand, the changing climate and rising temperatures make cultivation difficult. The wine growing sector is one of the few agricultural sectors in Belgium that seem to profit from climate change.