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European Fruit Magazine

First fruit growing robots spray orchards

The first six Agbot fruit growing robots are doing their work at fruit farms in the Netherlands, France and Canada. Number seven is under construction, and will this year go to an Italian fruit grower.

The AgBot 2.055W3 is a basic machine developed by Dutch companies AgXeed and Hol Spraying Systems (HSS) to which modules for various operations can be attached. At the moment (May 2023), the crop protection module for spraying fruit trees is ready. Work is in progress on modules to mow grass, shred pruning wood and control weeds and a module to treat grapevines.

During The Apple Day on 29 June, the machine can be seen at work all day long in the Proeftuin Randwijk trial orchard (the Netherlands).

Watch a short video here, where you can see the AgBot at work.