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Luxemburg ban on Roundup declared unlawful by judge

The ban established by Luxemburg on the use of herbicides with glyphosate as an active ingredient, has been declared unlawful by the European court of appeal. This is stated by Nieuwe Oogst, the growers’ magazine of the Dutch agriculture advocate LTO on its website.
The verdict follows an appeal procedure that was brought in 2022 by Roundup-producer Bayer. According to the Brussels news medium Politico, in 2020, Luxemburg was the first EU member state to introduce a total ban on glyphosate. Subsequently, various member states, including Germany and France, announced they were going to follow this example, but up till now this has not happened.
According to Bayer, the ban on products containing glyphosate is contrary to European law. According to a spokesperson of the concern, the withdrawal of the authorisation by Luxemburg was not based on a scientific or regulatory element that makes glyphosate damaging as an active ingredient. The judge’s verdict confirms this standpoint.
For the time being, glyphosate is still authorised throughout the EU till the end of the year. Halfway through this year the European Authority for Food Safety will offer an advice on whether to extend the authorisation or not. (Source: Nieuwe Oogst)