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European Fruit Magazine

“EU Subsidies mess up the market, but I cannot do without them”

As early as 1864, the flavour of the fruit from the foggy highlands of Czech Bohemia was highly appreciated at the Viennese imperial court. At present, times are hard for fruit growers throughout Europe, even for growers of this special fruit. They also notice this at the largest fruit farm in this region: “without subsidies our farm is anything but profitable.”

“Subsidies poison the market.” Jaroslav Muška, director of Zemcheba, does not beat about the bush. His farm in Czech Chelčice covers 1,800 hectares, with arable farming, pigs, cows, fish farms and a 200-hectare fruit farm. With 80 hectares of apples, it is the biggest apple grower in South Bohemia.

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