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Orchard robot for crop protection

Shortly, self-propelled robots will relieve fruit growers of part of their work.
Meanwhile, two completely self-propelled robots are available. In both cases, it is a basic machine that by changing equipment can be used for crop protection, but, for instance, also for mowing grass, fertilisation or mechanical weed control or can be transformed into a work platform for pruning, for instance.
After the introduction of the AgBot by the Dutch Hol Spraying Systems company in late 2021, in the course of 2022, Polish sprayer manufacturer Dominiak presented the APS orchard robot. Firstly, both machines will be fitted out with equipment to carry out crop protection in the orchard. Behind the scenes, however, a lot of work is being done on equipment to carry out other operations.

Read more about both machines in two articles published last year in EFM.

AgBot fruit growing robot
Dominiak APS robot