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European Fruit Magazine

Folding spray mast

Most fruit growers in South Tyrol take their apples to the cooperative immediately after the harvest. The cooperative stores, grades and packs the apples. The bins the apples are stored in also belong to the cooperative. So, in general, an individual fruit grower has no industrial buildings. Machines, such as a tractor, mower and sprayer are often parked in the garage under the house. A sprayer with a big cross-flow air outlet does not fit in here, however. Sprayer manufacturer Lochmann from South Tyrol has found a solution for this: the upper part of the spray mast can be folded down with the help of a pneumatic cylinder so that the sprayer does fit in the garage. Another advantage: when driving on the public road from the fruit grower’s house to the orchards, a folded spray tower provides better stability of the sprayer.