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Pola first concept variety in Poland

Rajpol, one of the best-known fruit and fruit trading companies in Poland, is going to introduce the first concept variety in Poland under the name Pola. The apple originates from Italy, but what variety is exactly hiding behind the name Pola or what breeding programme it comes from, is not known. According to news site (like EFM part of publishing company Plantpress in Poland) it is a very juicy, sweet and firm apple.
At the moment, apple growing in Poland is having a very rough time. Due to the loss of Russia and some other countries as markets, there is a surplus of apples at present, with accompanying dramatically low prices. In practically all growing regions in Western Europe, growing and selling concept varieties offers a solution for (part of) the fruit growers. For Polish fruit growers, concept varieties would also be a welcome alternative, but up till now, variety owners have been reluctant to introduce concept varieties into Poland and other Eastern European countries. So, this has changed now.
According to information from, Rajpol has now acquired the exclusive rights for the production and sale of Pola for the whole of Europe. Various Polish supermarkets have already indicated to be willing to exclusively sell Pola. There is also already supposed to be interest from foreign supermarkets. However, they will have to be patient for a while. As it is, the first commercial plantings must still be put into the ground. Only after 2 years, the first, still limited amounts of Pola apples will become available. If the apple turns out to be a success, Rajpol also wants to offer other product groups and growers the opportunity to grow Pola. (Source: