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Sambóa umbrella brand for three new apple varieties

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Under the name Sambóa, Italian company Rivoira is introducing three new apple varieties: Luiza, Venice and Isadora. The varieties come from the breeding programme of Epagri in the south of Brazil. They have been selected on the basis of their sweet flavour, high degree of juiciness and crispness. The three varieties ripen respectively early, mid-season and late. As a result, under the umbrella brand Sambóa, apples can be offered year-round. This year, the first few hundreds of tonnes are available. For the next season, 1,200 to 1,500 tonnes are expected of the three varieties together.
The aim is to start growing the Sambóa apples worldwide. At the moment (October 2022), 125,000 trees have been planted. Up to 2024, the surface area has to increase to 200 ha and the aim is to grow to a surface area of 4,000 ha in 2036. The first pilot orchards have been panted in Chile and South Africa. This will be followed by Australia, New Zealand and the United States. According to Rivoira, the flavour of the apples meets the consumer preferences in Asia and the Middle East and two-thirds of the apples will be exported there.
Gerhard Dichgans, former director of marketing organisation VOG in North Italian South Tyrol, has been appointed global manager for Sambóa. According to Dichgans, Luiza, Venice and Isadora represent the ‘super sweet’ segment. In addition, they do not only share a comparable and particular flesh structure and flavour, but all three are also very productive. Due to the low chilling requirement and small susceptibility to sunburn damage, the varieties are moreover suitable for growing in very warm regions. The varieties are alleged to have a wide picking window, can be stored well and have a good shelf-life. (Source: