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First international Natyra-day

10 years ago SQ159 was introduced under the brand name Natyra®. Reason enough for Dutch variety owner Fresh Forward to organise the first international Natyra day in mid/august
During this day international experts and researchers looked back to 10 years of Natyra, but they were especially looking forward to the future of Natyra.
In 2011 the German Föko came to an agreement with the Dutch variety owner to make the variety exclusively available for organic fruit growers in Germany under the brand name Natyra.
Natyra was not introduced as a club variety, but as a variety that every grower was free to sell. According to Philipp Haug of the Föko, this made a great contribution to the level of awareness and success of Natyra

One of the most interesting new apple varieties
SQ159 is not an easy apple to grow, but because of its excellent flavour, storability and shelf-life it certainly is one of the most interesting new apple varieties of the moment.
At the meeting, researchers and experts from Germany, Austria, South Tyrol (North Italy), Belgium and the Netherlands were invited to share their experiences and research results with Natyra.

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