Advertising in the European Fruitgrowers Magazine

The European Fruitgrowers Magazine is distributed throughout the world. Its readers are professional fruit growers, consultants, researchers and suppliers to the trade. Your advertisement in the European Fruitgrowers Magazine will reach directly your potential customers. The EFM offers you the opportunity to place the same advertisement in all language editions. It is also possible to place an advertisement in only one language edition. Rates for advertising in the European Fruitgrowers Magazine are given below:

European Fruitgrowers Magazine
and German
and Dutch editions altogether
or German
or Dutch edition

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1/1 page € 2.100 € 1.050
1/2 page € 1.100 € 550
1/4 page € 600 € 300
1/8 page € 325 € 165
1/16 page € 175 € 90